Did I Build This Ship to Wreck {Freyja}

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Did I Build This Ship to Wreck {Freyja}

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Dómi Kjaransson

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PostSubject: Did I Build This Ship to Wreck {Freyja} Thu Feb 22, 2018 2:51 am

It’d already been a shit morning by the time he’d made it to the docks He’d been in the village picking up a few things that Cecilie had asked him to. She was spending the day with their parents since their time on the farm was growing short. He got the feeling their parents were disappointed, but not surprised. Their children had this strong independence streak that they both knew hadn’t quelled since they’d left for Kattegat. They’d both promised to visit often with town not being extremely far away from their farm. He was still feeling guilty like he should want to stay with them especially since they didn’t fully understand their need for exodus from their childhood home. It wasn’t a conversation that he nor his sister wanted to have with their parents about how the ghost of their dead brother still lingered in the house.  

Anyway, he had picked up a few things that Cecilie had asked him because he was a good brother after all or well tried to be. When he felt a familiar presence beside him, balancing her one of her children on her hip as he rolled his eyes. He didn’t understand why she did this, setting herself up for his ire while she played the victim after the whole thing was over. He ignored her despite the fact that it was completely rude. She didn’t deserve his manners nor any of his attention. She’d sucked up enough of that when he was an idiot 17 year old.

“You’re back.” she said, readjusting the child on her hip from the corner of his eye. “Clearly.” he responded while trying to count out his coins as quickly as humanly possible to he could leave. Silence fell between them and she kept lingering like she was wanting him to say more. He hoped she would take the hint and leave, but she never did. Asta was like that. She never took hints and said whatever she wanted whenever she wanted. At one point he found this endearing. Now it was annoying since everything had ended between them so very long ago. He was over her, but the bitterness remained more so at his own stupidity than anything else.

“Are you just going to ignore me?” “Yes.” He thought he’d made himself quite clear that when he said he never wanted to see or talk to her again all of those years ago that he meant it. She’d made her bed and now she had to lie in it.

He made a beeline away from her and out of the shop before she could respond, hastily taking the stuff with him. His strides were longer and quicker plus he had an added advantage of not toting a small person as well. He managed to lose her a few feet outside of the shop in the people milling about in the muddy streets. He almost did a happy dance not only internally but externally as well.

Dómi climbed into his boat ready to forget all that had transpired. Activity had always taken his mind off unpleasant things. He was determined to throw himself into rowing out to where the some of the other fisherman had started to congregate on the water away from the docks. He’d only made it barely out of the dock before he noticed a puddle of water growing rapidly coming from one side of the boat. He threw his head back and let of a loud sigh of frustration. The gods were trying to test his resolve today.

Not wanting to sink, he rowed quickly back to shore, pulling his boat out the water to inspect the damage. There were was missing nails and separation between the wooden boards allowing the water in. While he grew up helping their family friend who was a fisherman from time to time, he didn’t fully understand when things went wrong with boats how to fix them yet like some of the other fishermen. There was a reason he’d been a Viking. He was great at physical activities, not good at all about fixing things. Thankfully he knew someone who could help him this.

He’d made his way over to where Freyja told him that she worked on the docks after they’d run into each other when he’d returned to Skagen. When he left she was training to be a shieldmaiden, so he while he was thoroughly surprised when he heard that she’d gone into shipbuilding, it did make sense given the circumstances after her father had died.

He expected to be greeted by her when he arrived, only instead to see a tall young man who looked to be in his late teens with curly hair and a gloomy face doing some wood working. “I’m looking for Freyja. Is she around?” Domi asked him.  He looked up and tilted his head in the direction of the bones of a ship that was starting to take form. He could see the top of her blond head bobbing around the side farthest from him. He made his way over to her. Instead of announcing his arrival with a greeting, he decided upon something entirely better.

“I’m having problems with a boat and I hear you’re just the one to see.” He announced.
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Freyja Stafnsdóttir

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PostSubject: Re: Did I Build This Ship to Wreck {Freyja} Thu Feb 22, 2018 7:52 pm

None of her sisters came by to take Rane with them for the day, so the little puppy ended up trailing after Freyja on her way to the docks that morning. She didn’t mind in the least. It wasn’t the most efficient way to build a ship, with a puppy dancing around your feet or wandering away, sniffing at anyone who walked past, but this wasn’t the first time she’d had the dog at the docks. Rane was slowly becoming accustomed to the people who came and went most frequently, and had finally started to simply lay down in the shade near wherever Freyja was working.

She’d left Aleinn to work on carving for the last few days while she’d started on a new ship. Freyja thoroughly enjoyed carving and was mildly annoyed with herself for going about it that way, but Aleinn needed to practice more than she did, and now that Halfdan had turned his attention to the docks for the first time in as long as she could remember, she didn’t want anyone to think she was falling behind. She knew she was probably being overly cautious, but that was the way she liked it when it came to shipbuilding.

She’d paused for a moment to get reorganized as she switched tasks, and while her back was turned, a familiar but unexpected voice started talking from behind her. Turning to face Dómi with a grin on her lips, Freyja nodded at him. “I sure am. I hope you also heard I’m the most expensive person to see?

At this point Rane finally seemed to realize she didn’t know this person and hurried over, barking up at the fisherman in between sniffing at him and wagging her tail. “This is my ferocious guard dog, Rane. You’ll want to proceed with extreme caution,” she added with a smile, but shook her head a bit. It was probably a good thing Rane wasn’t actually supposed to be a guard dog. She was not exactly good at it.

Watching Dómi interact with the puppy, Freyja took a few steps in his direction so she could look around the ship she was building and try to catch sight of whatever it was he needed help with. “What kind of help do you need?” she wondered, wanting to know if it was something she could fix in a few minutes or if it was more of a ‘my boat is garbage, will you build me a new one’ sort of thing.
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Did I Build This Ship to Wreck {Freyja}
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