Coming of spring.

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Coming of spring.

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Vern Vidarsson

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PostSubject: Coming of spring. Thu May 31, 2018 6:23 pm

The hut where everyone went to drink was filled with life and sound. People were either singing songs, or talking to loudly and some drunk men were already shouting to each other, either for fun or it was the beginning of a fierce fight. That would end soon enough when the most drunk one would end sleeping on the sticky floor. Outside was already dark and cold, the stars shining bright. An omen it seemed to say spring had come and that life soon would return to their lands. Full of green fields and flowers together with all wild life that would wake up from their winter slumber. Just like them Vern seemed to have awakened too. Now that Alvina had come in his life he was no longer afraid of his past and was determined to make an even better future. He promised her and himself this and he just had to go for it. His days spent with Alvina went well too. Though sometimes he feared she was just acting, he could not make himself believe that. For he thought she was a honest lady he could trust. She had been through a lot and so he could see the truth behind her eyes. Now he was celebrating on his own. Not only the coming of spring and work on the farm. But also the coming of his new life and his own new beginning. What was better than a drink to celebrate that? Nothing in his mind. Though he had hoped Haskell would have been able to come he had not been able to reach his friend. It would have been better drinking with two then having to do it alone.

But his mood had not been affected by it as he still enjoyed the noise around him and the ale in his cup. Together with some dried meat to make the set complete. He was enjoying himself as time went by and the night grew darker outside. Because for once it seemed his thoughts had let go completely. That was a good thing. As he turned around in his seat to look over all the people in the place with his fresh cup of ale he saw a familiar face he hadn’t seen in a while. Someone he had known for some time or at least had spoken to a few times. And someone he considered a friend even if they hadn’t met up that much. He was glad to see the young man again. And so even through the loud noise from the people serounding the both of them he called out to the man. ”ERIK!” His voice sounded cheerful just as the smile on his face suggested he was. Being in a good mood he waved over to his friend. Hoping the young men would notice. Even so he hoped from his seat and moved over to the guy. Placing a hand on his shoulder and speaking almost directly into the man his ear. “Haven’t seen you in a long time my friend! Come have a drink with me!” And without anything else he patted the young man his shoulder before he walked back to his seat mentioning to the seat next to him. Maybe now he would finally have a companion to get real drunk with. What was a welcome thing this evening.
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Erik Haraldsson

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PostSubject: Re: Coming of spring. Thu May 31, 2018 7:10 pm

Erik and Leif entered the small hut, already warming up as the fire blazed in the hearth. The stars outside were bright, the moonlight illuminating the snow-covered ground. Even with the drunk men fighting inside the tavern, the mood was almost joyous as the spring was soon to come, and with it new life and warmer temperatures.

Erik heard his name called out loudly, and then Vern was there, smiling at him and patting his shoulder.

"Aye, it has been quite the time. Leif and I would be glad to join you." They went and sat next to him, smiling. "How have you been?" Erik asked, taking a sip of his mead.
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Coming of spring.
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