Ivar Ragnarsson

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Ivar Ragnarsson

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Ivar Ragnarsson

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Title : The Boneless
Age : 17 y/o
Place of birth : Kattegat

PostSubject: Ivar Ragnarsson Wed May 31, 2017 7:46 am

If I had a heart I could love you ,
If I had a voice I would sing.

Name: Ivar Ragnarsson
Gender: Male
Title: Prince of Kattegat// The Boneless
Rang: Thegn
Age: 16 years
Parents: Ragnar ‘Lothbrok’ Sigurdsson x Aslaug Siggurdsson
Place of birth: Kattegat
Place of residents: Kattegat
Björn ‘Ironsside’ Ragnarsson (Half-brother)
Ubbe Ragnarsson
Hvitserk Ragnarsson
Sigurd ‘Snake in the Eye’ Ragnarsson

Strong headed
Living like this, with this disability changed a big part of his life. Knowing his father was planning on killing him when he got born made Ivar even more eager to prove otherwise. For that he is strong headed and not always in the ways you want him to be. Every day again and again Ivar gets confront with the things he can’t do, or that just a little different for him while it seems normal for others. It makes him unbearable stubborn and a real fighter. He never wants any help, knows it always better rand is surly not planning on asking anything. This strong headed nature of him works two ways, it is very hard to ask Ivar for something, he isn’t eager on helping others and if you want to get something done … well, you better try hard. But on the other side, if he points his thoughts on something than he keeps that way. He will fight for the things he wants or believes in, what is beautiful. Only that jealous side of him makes it harder again. He is rectilinear, sees black and white but not often gray. And because of that he judges on first sight. He is a person of vengeance, if you are getting over his line be sure his strong headed nature will kick in to punish you for whatever crime.

Giving the fact he can’t use his legs he sees things every day he can’t have and never will probably. On one side it is logic that he gets jealous of the things around him. That jealousy makes him dangerous, very dangerous, he doesn’t know his limits and always act on first instinct. Throwing something at your head isn’t unusual around him. The first years of his life his jealousy turned around his brothers, seeing them walk while he laid there in pain. Later is was seeing slaves sneak into the lives of his brothers while everyone ignored him. For that he is driven to prove himself, eager to set the terms on his conditions. He is a risk-taker, doesn’t care about anything else than his own damn ego. But never think he is stupid, his head works on an extraordinary way, having no use in the legs makes him smarter, more creative, more dangerous in the games. He is an egoist … jealousy come from often from frustration and that he needs to out by doing something stupid, or saying something that would probably hurt somebody.

Ivar looks, he looks a lot, he looks on moments and in ways you don’t want him to look. Those piercing blue eyes of him you will find everywhere. It is a little his second nature, to keep an eye on everything and everyone. You can’t give him facts he didn’t knew already. He knows more than his brothers, because he just pays enough attention to the details. That and his jealous sight can make him trail you everywhere around Kattegat if needed. If he got his eyes fixed on something, be sure he will use all means necessary. Mostly he sit somewhere hidden, keeping those filthy glares away from people watching to him. Because how much he shows he doesn’t care … somewhere he always does. On that level he is distant, not shy.

He looks like he doesn’t give a damn about the world but on the inside he is a lot more fragile than you can imagine. He will never show it, he will never behave on another way than his usual spoiled brad way. But it is there, if you just look hard enough. He tries to be often funny but in the wrong way, Ivar has a troubles mind over everything and that makes him hard to get at him. And that makes him very dangerous. He doesn’t know how to get a hold on his emotions, he thinks, he acts and nothing less. Spit the wrong words and the next thing you lay dead on the ground. That is Ivar, unpredictable to the bone. He knows his brothers are scared of him and he seeks often protection with his mother. He uses people because that is his strong suit. Manipulation, word abuse and giving you just that look. He isn’t afraid, not even over his own cold heart, not even over his own mixed feelings. He isn’t afraid to kill, even not when he was little more than a little boy. The constant pain, the emotions, how the people look, it sparks his temper. Challenge him every single minute of every day. He is moody, fast irritated and does always says what he thinks.

This all starts way before he is even born and Aslaug has already three sons of Ragnar, Ubbe, Hvitserk and Sigurd Snake in the Eye. Aslaug foresaw a prophecy, that she should have sex in the three days after Ragnar his return from England, warned him it would endanger the health of the child to come. Aslaug had been never wrong before in her life but Ragnar simply didn’t listened, taking his wife to bed and conceive a child that would be damaged for life. Ivar was born with weak bones, giving him the nickname “The Boneless”. He would never have the change to walk, he would never have the ability to move his legs and in that way her warning became truth, her prophecy came out.

When Ivar was born the opinions were divided. Everybody thought the same; Ivar couldn’t survive in this kind of a cruel world without the ability to use his legs. Ragnar said it was best to kill him, for his own good but Aslaug disagreed. Even after the long attempts of Siggy the queen of Kattegat didn’t want her son to be found death just because he couldn’t walk. Ragnar took him behind Aslaug her back to the woods, laying him on the ground and hovering his axe over the boy while he cried all animals away in his pain. And even then, in that moment, Ragnar couldn’t do it. He took the boy in his arms and brought him back home where Aslaug told him she named the boy Ivar in witch Ragnar decides to give him a nickname, “the boneless” and in that way Ivar The Boneless sets his first steps into fame. Although that fame started with a lot of pain. Ivar suffers a lot in those first months and years and Ragnar never cared for him enough. But when Ragnar goes to England again a new figure enters Ivar his life, Harbard and he is be able to ease the pain that Ivar tormented so much. When he left he took some of that pain, promised the boy he wouldn’t have so much pain in the future anymore.

While growing up three things stayed the same. Ragnar treats him like he has a son with legs, although his brothers pull him around in a chart Ragnar believes that not looking over to his disability will make him a true man. But Aslaug always disagreed, spoiled Ivar in ways she never spoiled her others sons before. She grows protective over him, keeps him close and Ivar turns out to be the spoiled brad he later is. Third is one of his brothers, Sigurd. Sigurd can’t except Ivar for who he is and for what Aslaug does for him. And that starts the war between the both of them that still goes on when they grew older. And on that point Aslaug decides to bring Ivar to the one person who could learn the boy how to truly live, Floki. She asks Floki to teach him the ways of the gods, to let him hate the Christian gods as much as Floki does himself. Floki takes Ivar in, bounding over each other he let Ivar play along in a game with the other children. But like always Ivar is the outcast in everything. Nobody accepts him for who he is and taunts him over it. Floki grabs the ball away from the other children and give it to Ivar so he could play along. But there is always someone testing the limits. Ivar is hardly eight when that boy grabbed his ball and he in reflex grabbed his axe, kicking it down on the boys head and killing him in an instant. That is Ivar his first kill ever and a certain way for him to cope. “It’s not your fault.” Aslaug keeps repeating in such a way Ivar starts to believe it. He begins to threaten people more often, demanding things, growing arrogant and fearless. Even his brothers are scared of him, even the elder watch out. Years past and Ivar is turning more in himself, dangerous, unpredictable and a hugh pain in the ass for all of Kattegat. And then Ragnar leaves … Leaving five sons on their own. Ivar thinks he knows everything better and he grows in that spirit to. Knowing he is protected by his mother and knowing he is feared by all of his brothers and a lot of people in Kattegat.

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Björn Ragnarsson

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Title : Ironside
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PostSubject: Re: Ivar Ragnarsson Sat Jun 03, 2017 3:31 pm

Character sheet

You are now a proud citizen of Kattegat


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Ivar Ragnarsson
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