Sigrid Eisdottir

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Sigrid Eisdottir

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Sigrid Eisdóttir

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Age : 34
Place of birth : Skagen

PostSubject: Sigrid Eisdottir Wed May 31, 2017 9:35 pm

• Name: Sigrid
• Last name: Eisdottir
• Title: None yet
• Age: 34
• Place of birth: Skagen
• Place of residence: Uddevalla
• Rank: Thrall

• Parents: Eis Feilsson and Audbjorg Odinsdottir
• Siblings: Unkown

• Personality:
F i e r c e:  Sigrid is a fighter, both physically and mentally. She most values her own opinion. Sure, she'll take others' into account, but her own voice will always win.
D e t e r m i n e d:  Once there's an idea, there's a solid plan and there's execution.
D i s t a n t:  It's hard to get close to Sigrid's true self.
C a r i n g: Due to her past, if someone is in need of medical aid, she will provide it without any second thoughts.
P r o u d: Even despite her current rank, she will still be reluctant to bow to a king that's not hers. She came to learn that a rank means little in her life and will even take pride in her low rank.
I n t e l l i g e n t: Sigrid has a broad knowledge on practical (she gained during her education and job as shipbuilder) medical (from when she took care of her father) and strategical matters (all the practice as a kid paid off quite well).

• Appearance:
Even though Sigrid has thick, long and dark hair, her eyes are a kind of icy blue. This startles some people at first, and it has always helped her keep people at bay. Her fierce look is probably the only thing that can keep anyone from noticing her cute freckles and pretty face, things she both hates. Her lips are full and usually a healthy shade of red, the same tint that flatters her visible cheekbones. Her skin is fair, and despite her age, the wrinkles aren't showing yet. She is built averagely tall and slim. A notable thing is the scars around her wrist she owes to the constant fighting against her ropes and chains.

• History:
On an extremely cold winter evening, Sigrid was born to Eis and Audbjorg. Her father worked as a Blacksmith. Therefore the family had nothing to worry about their social rank, even despite her mother being a formal Villager. At a young age, her parents discovered Sigrid had a gift for fighting and encouraged her to set her aim on a military function. She practised a lot, but mere to please her parents. At the age of sixteen, she became, against anyone's expectations, a shipbuilder apprentice. The ocean had always appealed to her. It was just fascinating to watch the shore reduce and rise just by the force of the moon. Her parents were bitter at first but came around pretty easily as Sigrid was their only daughter. But Eis' secret couldn't be long hidden. The truth was to come out soon. When her mother found out about her fathers' affair and other children, she took a boat to another village shortly after Sigrid became a fully independent shipbuilder. She never got to meet her siblings. Every time she would bring it up to her father, he wouldn't speak to her again for the following days. She learned to keep her mouth shut eventually. The ocean seemed even more interesting now that it had taken her mother away, and even though it was unrealistic when she wasn't a warrior, she kept dreaming of sailing the bigger waters. Little did she know she should have been careful wishing for that.

Years passed, and as Sigrid got more and more acquainted with the art of building ships, her fathers' health got less and less great. She used her past time to take care of him and learned medical skills and knowledge that way. She succeeded in keeping him alive for a long time. But when winter came, he succumbed to his sickness. Then her part of the village fell victim to a Uddevalla raiding. The house was empty, none of the value mattered anymore no that Eis had passed. The Uddevalla warriors decided to take Sigrid instead. She fought and resisted and got pretty close to escaping, but obviously, they were stronger than she was. All she could think when they took her, was; I should have been a warrior. She got the boat trip she had always wanted, but it was nothing she had hoped. On arrival, she was sentenced to be a Thrall. She has been working for the King now for a short amount of time.

• Faceclaim: Liv Tyler

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Björn Ragnarsson

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PostSubject: Re: Sigrid Eisdottir Thu Jun 01, 2017 12:09 am

Character sheet

You are now a proud citizen of Uddevalla


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Sigrid Eisdottir
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