Vigdìs Vidarsdóttir

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Vigdìs Vidarsdóttir

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Vigdìs Vidarsdóttir

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Title : Princess of Uddevalla
Age : 19 y/o
Place of birth : Uddevalla

PostSubject: Vigdìs Vidarsdóttir Fri Jun 02, 2017 12:06 am

vigdìs vidarsdóttir

the basics

• Name: Vigdìs
• Last name: Vidarsdóttir
• Title: Princess of Uddevalla
• Age: 19
• Place of birth: Uddevalla
• Place of residence: Uddevalla
• Rank: Huskarl & Shield Maiden

• Father: Vidar Ingvarsson
• Mother: Hillevi Einarsdóttir †
• Siblings: Vern Vidarsson

the appearance

Vigdìs is not the most feminine woman. In her warrior clothing, you could barely tell she has a figure hidden underneath. Because of what happened to her mother, she takes little effort in looking attractive; in her logic, it might stop the same barbarian minds that raped her mother from doing the same thing to her. She does have curves, however. Her face has the features, she just doesn't bother to enhance them. Her dark curls are almost always a mess, and her face is often covered in dirt, except when she has to fulfil business inside the court. She sometimes might appear small and fragile because of her height and weight, but this has only proved to help her during combat.

• Face Claim: Ellie Kendrick


the personality

From the moment of her birth, it was clear that Vigdìs and her father showed a lot of similarities in character and traits. From a young age, she could manipulate anyone into thinking giving her what she wanted was their decision. She had always been a perfectionist, and very critical of herself. Her mother soon noticed she was different from her son and her. Not that kind and forgiving. Not that charming and positive. However, they didn't know she was only a mild version of the cold, the bitter and the merciless person she was about to become. It was only waiting to be unleashed. With her mother, her brother and with that, the only light in her life gone, it did. Just like her father, she had a way of dealing with the grief; keeping people as distant as possible and always living with the idea of vengeance.

All the people whom she had loved so dearly had left. Her mother was dead, her brother had betrayed her and her father didn't seem to feel anything anymore. The only reason Vidar still lives alongside her is a practical matter; the kingdom. The support she sought in her father fell away, and that caused her to fall down even more. But when she got up, her legs had learned to stand on their own. Her personality is a constant paradox; she wants nothing more than to be loved, and she wants nothing more than to be completely independent of anyone. Vigdìs has found herself in difficulty of trusting anyone, especially men. It's almost like she is afraid to feel again, so she's even afraid to feel happy. She will let you in and then decide to push you away. One minute be completely fine and the next furious. Once you exceed her patience, it most likely is the last thing you will ever do.

Despite her young age, Vigdìs is an experienced warrior. Although she can mostly use any weapon, she feels most comfortable using a bow and arrows. She is incredibly determined to find whoever killed her mother. She has dedicated her life to going out in the fields, looking for her brother or the intruders. Either way; her sweet revenge.

the history

After a long, troubled labour, Vigdìs came into a world full of expectations. She was born in a royal family and therefore had been put a lot of pressure on her still so fragile shoulders. She had a tendency to avoid her royal obligations by talking herself out of it. With her mother, this usually worked. But her father had possession of the same, manipulative ways Vigdìs did and knew what she was doing right away. Even though her father and her went along well, they could sometimes collide because of their similar personalities. She used to hate those fights because all she wanted was her father's approval. If he thought that what she did was right, she would know it was genuine. Her mother's and brother's compliments soon lost value; she knew they'd tell her white lies, for they were people pleasers. Her father, contrariwise, was not. So she was determined to be the best warrior a princess could become. Between royal rehearsals, she would fight her brother, and the two got closer and closer. And better and better. Besides her relatives, she developed a special bond with Uddevalla's nature. On a hunting trip, she discovered she could navigate well in the wilderness. Her arrow hit a snow owl but didn't kill it. She felt something she had never felt before; guilt. She brought the bird home, where she would ask someone for help. Her father just said that she could have taken a better shot and then killed it. That was the moment she came to the harsh realisation that she was too old to be a child. Since then, she never missed another shot.

When she was seventeen, she visited her father's forge. This wasn't the most uncommon thing. What was the most uncommon thing is that a young apprentice managed to get her madly in love with him. Roan was his name. For a long time, they secretly did what lovers do. It was inappropriate, he was her father's student and she should have been focusing on other things. She knew that. And yet, she made the foolish decision of letting down her responsibilities and letting him stay the night. She was woken by her father, noticing immediately that her bed was empty. For a second, she felt relieved. She thought Roan had hidden just in time for her father to see. But then she saw her father's face; he was worried sick. The Queen was gone. It didn't take long to confirm Vidar's fears, his wife had been raped and murdered by brutal intruders.

This event changed Vigdìs life completely. Not only did she lose her mother, but her brother and best friend couldn't take how hard her father had become and disappeared. She felt betrayed and alone. Didn't he care about their mother? Didn't he care about her? Not only did she feel abandoned by Vern, she felt a confirmation of a fear that had always lingered in her. If her brother was lost for good, she would have to take over the throne. This is one of the reasons she still tries to find him. She often leaves for different areas and villages, looking for either her brother or whoever killed her mother. Deep down she knows her former lover, whom she had never seen again after that night, could not have been innocent. She just doesn't want to admit she was stupid enough to put her trust in someone she now disgusts more than anything. Sometimes she wonders if she is cut out for the throne, or even to wear the golden bracelet her father gave her shortly after Hillevi died, but all those doubts are overshadowed by one thing: her constant hunger for cruel revenge.

made by remi of rilla go!

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PostSubject: Re: Vigdìs Vidarsdóttir Fri Jun 02, 2017 12:34 am

Character sheet

You are now a proud citizen of Uddevalla


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Vigdìs Vidarsdóttir
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