Eiríkr Odinsson

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Eiríkr Odinsson

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Eiríkr Odinsson

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Age : 43 y/o
Place of birth : Unknown

PostSubject: Eiríkr Odinsson Sat Jun 03, 2017 4:14 pm

Name: Eiríkr
Last name: Unknown, Odinsson
Age: 43 y/o
Place of birth: Unknown
Place of residence: Kattegat
Rank: Villager

Parents: Unknown
Siblings: Unknown
Other: Unknown

Height: 1,83 m
Hair: Dark brown
Eye: Brown
Clothes: He always wears a piece of cloth around his neck that is hiding the piece of metal. The metal piece is some kind of collar with no way to remove it. Eiríkr has no idea how long he is already wearing that thing, but he is at the point that it feels normal. The remains of some chains are still on it. His clothes are nothing special, because he can’t afford something good.
Scars: Eiríkr his back is covered with scars, but that are the ones that are hidden. It is his eye that is obvious and often the first thing people see. He is missing his left eye and it has become one big, ugly scar. At the right side of his head, next to his eye is also a scar.

Eiríkr is the quiet type of person. You won’t see him start conversations on purpose and is mostly avoiding people. He won’t make direct eye contact and will often look at the ground when walking.
When asking his name, he will almost always answer with; ‘No one’. He doesn't need other people to know who he is and that makes him a mystery to everyone. You can see he has been through a lot, but no one knows through what and he won’t tell you. It has made him very wary and he doesn’t trust people easy. You can ask things about him, but that is not the best idea. Eiríkr will not answer and if you won’t stop, he will use violence against you. He almost always carries a small knife with him for when he needs it. Violence is almost always his first choice when he doesn’t like something.  

Little is know about his past. He doesn’t speak about it and it is unknown if he even can remember it. There isn’t a single person who seemed to know where he came from, but one day he appeared in Kattegat and didn’t leave. He was no troublemaker and was always on his own, it was like he was not even there. At that time he was already 43 years and wearing a lot of scars.
Fact is that he’d escaped from somewhere after many years of imprisonment. Early in his life, they had taken him away from home. It was so long ago, he can’t even remember the faces of his parents. Eiríkr started of as some kind of price, but after some time he was more like some animal. Not that he’ll tell that to someone. He is a good fighter though and is build quite well what indicates he has done a lot of fighting over the years. That could also indicate the many scars he is wearing.
It wasn’t a good place and it had left its scars, physically and mentally. It’s also there he got the collar from. Of course he has tried to remove it, but it only hurted. When he’s walking over street people are already looking at him and seeing a collar would only make it worse, so he hides it under a piece of cloth.
Now that he’s a free man again, he is trying to start a living, but it is hard. A normal life is not something he’ll ever have.

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Ubbe Ragnarsson

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PostSubject: Re: Eiríkr Odinsson Sat Jun 03, 2017 8:19 pm

Character sheet

You are now a proud citizen of Kattegat

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Eiríkr Odinsson
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