Thunder and Lightning [Vidar]

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Thunder and Lightning [Vidar]

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Svipday Knútrsson

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PostSubject: Thunder and Lightning [Vidar] Fri Sep 01, 2017 6:46 pm

Dark clouds had rolled up from the north. Like waves they had waved over Uddevalla. Like a black sea they seemed to swallow every last bit of clear sky. Making everything look darker this day then it should be. Making the place more grim then other days. Soon enough the sound of Thor hitting his anvil. The sound of the thunder rolling through the black waves of clouds. It filled the air with some force. Or at least that was what Svipday thought. It always made him excited. As if something was about to happen. He loved the thunder and the dark clouds, it was his kind of good weather. On days like these he would like to be able to stand on a battle field. Feel the thrill as his blood started boiling together with every other raging person on the field. His friends next to him, his enemies in front of him. The silent before the thunder made him think of the silent that always came to him as they were charging towards their enemies. Only the sound of his own hard and his own raging voice would reach him in that moment. Just till the two parties would collide and that was when the thunder came. Loud and raging, for seeing the blood, dirt and screams that would fill the air, together with the smell of iron. It burning through every cell of his body. Oh he could imagen it so well. It made his body excited and that was exactly why he had gone to the training camp. To actually get a fight when the thunder was rolling. Rain would soon come that was certain.

The mud on the ground had already been wet and slippery, everything seemed to be so dirty and grim. Even when the fires where lid all around. It hadn’t made it easy to fight as his feet would slip in the mud, but that made it all the more exciting. Even if it had just been a training, blood head flown. Not in a manner in which his enemies would have bled out. But some of the punches had come down hard with the man he had fought. It was good to let out his excitement without actually getting in trouble for it. In training camp everything was possible. But soon enough the rain had come pouring down and most of the men returned home. However since he had just come back from his journey to Kattegat… he rather stay here a while more. Especially because on a day like this work in the iron mine would be to ‘dangerous’ though he wouldn’t mind trying. But if he was there all alone it would become pretty boring pretty fast. So he decided to go to the armoury. His hair was already wet when he stepped in. He let his fingers slight through it. Before he let out a sigh. Before he walked around the Armoury. Looking over some of the weapons, letting his fingers trail over them. He had a deep love for weapons well made. Especially these beauties who were made on Uddevalla ground. To him these were weapons even the gods would want to use.

With a sigh he let himself sit down as he took a wet stone and his own blade from his side. As the thunder and rain filled the sky. He started to sharpen his sword. His eyes didn’t move from the blade till he looked out of the window as lightning struck down. A smile forming on his lips. Seemed Thor was having a party up there.

@ Vidar Ingvarsson
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Thunder and Lightning [Vidar]
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