Family Ties [open]

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Family Ties [open]

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Svanhild Tryggrsdóttir
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PostSubject: Family Ties [open] Sat Oct 28, 2017 9:05 pm

Svanhild slammed the door to her family's house closed. Stalking out in the streets in the dark, she muttered to herself. Having just gotten in to a fight with her sister, she left before things could get any worse. As much as she loved her family, there were days where they could get under each other's skin quicker than one of her arrows. Wandering through the streets, her mind was filled with comments made to one another. A simple fight had blown up and frustrated everyone.
Breathing deeply, Svanhild slowed her gate as she calmed down. Her temper usually left as quickly as it arrived, and tonight was no different. As she made her way through the streets, back and forth, she heard the shuffle of steps. Curious as to who else would be out this late, she moved closer.

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Family Ties [open]
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